How to Choose the Perfect Trees for Your Garden?

How to Choose the Perfect Trees for Your Garden?

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The warm tones of deciduous plants are a blaze of colour all around us at this cold time of year. There are many autumn foliage plants to choose from, there is one to suit any garden.

They have many benefits. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but you can use one to cool your house with shade in summer and allow the light in over winter. The leaf litter makes excellent mulch the whole garden will enjoy. There are lots of great varieties. If you are after a medium-sized tree with lots of autumn colour, plant a Nyssa Acer ‘Autumn Blaze’. Ornamental pears are also easy to grow; look out for Pyrus ‘Capital’ or ‘Chanticleer’. These are good screening trees that won’t take up your whole backyard. Another tall but narrowish tree is the majestic Ginkgo biloba. They have lime-green leaves that change to brilliant gold before they fall.

I’m particularly drawn to purple foliage and there are some trees that hold this tone all year round, such as the heart-shaped foliage and magenta-flowering Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’, or Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’, with masses of cherry blossoms in spring. For a small feature tree, Japanese maples are beautiful but prefer to grow in a sheltered position. South or east facing is best. Crape myrtle ‘Indian Summer’ is small, tough, disease-resistant and drought-tolerant. With mottled, smooth bark, they are beautiful to look at even when the foliage has completely fallen.

Don’t have room for a tree? Plant a grafted weeping Japanese maple in a feature pot a gorgeous smoke bush that can be shaped and kept as a shrub in any garden, or let a wisteria grow over a pergola, or cover an ugly wall with Boston ivy.”

What are deciduous plants?

Deciduous plants are those that shed their leaves annually and go through a dormant period during the winter months.

What are some benefits of planting deciduous plants?

Deciduous plants provide shade in summer and allow light in over winter. They also produce leaf litter that makes excellent mulch for the garden.

What are some good medium-sized trees with autumn colour?

Nyssa acer ‘Autumn Blaze’, Pyrus ‘Capital’ or ‘Chanticleer’, and Ginkgo biloba are good medium-sized trees with autumn colour.

What are some trees with purple foliage?

Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ and Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’ are trees with purple foliage that hold their colour all year round.

What are some options for small feature trees?

Japanese maples, Crape myrtle ‘Indian Summer’, grafted weeping Japanese maples in a feature pot, smoke bush, and wisteria are all options for small feature trees.

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