Iron Guard Plus

Iron Guard Plus

Get a vibrant and robust lawn with Iron Guard Plus – the ultimate turfgrass bio-stimulant!

2.5L provides up to 1,250m2 of coverage.

Our scientifically designed formula works wonders on all grass varieties, including Hybrid Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, and Kikuyu.

With proven results like;

  • Enhanced colour
  • Increased lateral growth
  • Improved density
  • Faster root growth

Your lawn will never look better! Don’t settle for patchy, lacklustre grass – upgrade to Iron Guard Plus today.

Size: 2.5 litres

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Lawn Solutions Iron Guard Plus is a revolutionary formula that contains iron and essential amino acids that help invigorate your turf’s growth and infuse luminous colour. This bio-stimulant is perfect for winter dormancy transition and is the key to a picture-perfect lawn that you’ll love to show off!

Say goodbye to patchy, dull turf and hello to maximum colour retention and lateral growth with Iron Guard Plus.

Apply Iron Guard Plus monthly to enjoy a consistently lush and radiant lawn when growth is active or when you spot nutrient deficiency symptoms.

Size: 2.5 litres


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