Premium Garden Mix 30L Bag

Premium Garden Mix 30L Bag

Greenlife Garden Mix, meets Australian Standards and is available in 30LT size. Contains Nitro humus, soil, Greenlife compost, composted sawdust, and coarse sand. Suitable for a variety of gardening needs, whether for new garden beds or replenishing nutrient-depleted existing soils. It’s compatible with all plant types, including trees, shrubs, annuals, and potted plants.


  • Rich in essential nutrients from diverse components
  • Enhances soil structure for better root growth
  • Improves moisture retention in soil
  • Suitable for a wide range of plants including trees, shrubs, and annuals
  • Ideal for both new and existing garden beds
  • Replenishes depleted soils
  • Contains organic matter to promote microbial activity

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Transform your garden with Greenlife® Garden Mix, the ultimate all-purpose soil solution. Containing a mix of nitro humus, soil, Greenlife compost, composted sawdust and coarse sand. Every 30L bag is Australian Standard certified for quality and performance. Whether you’re starting a new garden bed or need to top up your existing soil, Greenlife® Garden Mix is the perfect choice. It’s easy to use and suitable for all types of plants, trees, shrubs, annuals, and potted colour. The added nutrients in the mix support healthy plant growth and nutrient uptake for a thriving garden.

Customers who bought Greenlife® Garden Mix can attest to its effectiveness and quality. For even better results, purchase our Mushroom Compost, an excellent source of organic matter that improves soil structure and fertility. Don’t settle for ordinary soil; upgrade to Greenlife® Garden Mix for a beautiful and abundant garden. Experience the power of the perfect soil mix today!

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