Reinforcement Mesh (Reo Mesh)

Reinforcement Mesh (Reo Mesh)

Enhance the strength and durability of your construction projects with our Reo Mesh. Made from reinforced steel, this ribbed mesh effectively bonds to concrete to prevent unwanted movement over time, making it the ideal choice for footpaths and ground slabs. Contact us today for a quote on our range of steel reinforcing products.

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This steel reinforcing mesh is a staple for any construction site, particularly in residential or industrial projects. It’s used extensively in the construction of footpaths and ground slabs, thanks to its ability to enhance the strength and durability of concrete. Our Reo Mesh has a ribbed surface that allows it to bond more effectively to the concrete, ensuring that unwanted movement over time is minimised. This helps to maintain the integrity of your construction project and ensures that it lasts for years to come.

Choose our Reo Mesh and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your construction project is well-reinforced and durable. Contact us today for a quote on our range of steel reinforcing products and see how we can help enhance the strength and longevity of your construction projects.


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