River Pebbles Bulk

River Pebbles Bulk

Discover the natural beauty of locally sourced river pebbles. These round stones come in various sizes and smooth colours, perfect for blending seamlessly into any outdoor space. Whether used for garden landscaping, walking paths, or vehicular pathways, these pebbles look great whether dry or wet. Plus, it’s locally sourced, making it an eco-friendly choice.


  • Decorative landscaping and garden paths
  • Drainage enhancement in planters and garden beds
  • Ground cover to reduce soil erosion
  • Water features and pond lining
  • Mulch substitute for moisture retention
  • Accenting potted plants and terrariums
  • Creating natural-looking borders and edging

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Enhance the beauty of your garden beds with river pebbles 10mm, a smooth and stunning pebble available in shades of brown. These pebbles are sourced from rivers like Nepean, Hunter, Shoalhaven, and more. This versatile pebble is ideal for drainage and commonly used as pea gravel. Also available in our 1-20mm pebble collection for your project needs. Find the perfect pebble for your project today!



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