Slasher Organic Herbicide Ready To Use

Slasher Organic Herbicide Ready To Use

Say goodbye to pesky weeds with Slasher Organic Herbicide! Registered organic and glyphosate-free, Slasher rapidly kills weeds, moss, algae and lichen on contact. It’s the perfect solution for gardens, paths, drive-ways, and around buildings. Keep pets off treated areas while wet, but they can return once the spray is dried. This eco-friendly herbicide is made from plant oils and is biodegradable within a few days. Get yours today and easily control weeds the organic way!

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For an organic solution to weed control, choose Slasher Organic Herbicide. This glyphosate-free and registered organic herbicide is perfect for quickly eliminating weeds, moss, algae, and lichen on contact. It’s incredibly versatile, working on gardens, paths, driveways, and around buildings.One of the most significant advantages of Slasher is its active ingredient, made from plant oils that are GM-free. This makes it a safe option not just for the environment, but also for your pets and children. Although, it’s important to keep pets off treated areas while the spray is wet. Once it’s dried up, they can return to the area.

Slasher is a non-selective contact weedkiller, meaning it desiccates plants within hours of contact. Thorough coverage is essential when spraying as any part missed won’t be killed. Care must be taken when spraying around favorite plants as any spray drift will damage them. Avoid applying the spray to wet weeds or in rain, as the extra moisture will dilute the spray and weaken its impact.An eco-friendly option, Slasher Organic Herbicide is 100% biodegradable within a few days, leaving no lasting spray residues. It’s registered organic for use in organic farms and gardens, making it a great option for eco-conscious gardeners. The herbicide is also available in commercial sizes, making it a great choice for commercial landscapes.

Choose Slasher Organic Herbicide for effective weed control in an eco-friendly way.

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3L, 750ml

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