Sugar Cane Mulch Bale

Sugar Cane Mulch Bale

Mulch Smart Sugar Cane Mulch is a 100% natural and organic mulch. It provides a simple, safe and cost effective way of maintaining a healthy garden and is perfect for all gardens and pot plants.

Key benefits:

    • ✔Effective weed suppression
    • ✔Natural and organic
    • ✔Helps retain soil moisture
    • ✔Adds organic matter to soil
    • ✔Suitable for a variety of plants
      ✔Promotes soil temperature regulation

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Introducing Organic Sugar Cane Mulch – the perfect solution for your garden. Sugar cane mulch is made purely from sugar cane leaves that remain after harvest. This 100% organic mulch is compressed tightly into a bale for your convenience.

Whether you want to protect your roses, garden beds, vegetables, pots, trees, or shrubs, this mulch provides an excellent option. Aside from being a protective barrier that keeps weeds at bay, it also retains moisture in your soil, conditions it, and reduces the need for watering. Plus, it breaks down over time and adds organic matter to your soil, naturally. As an Australian Organic Registered product, this mulch is the natural way to suppress weeds, encourage earthworm activity, and promote healthier and hardier plants. So why use anything else? Start enjoying the many benefits of Organic Sugar Cane Mulch today.

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