Quick Guide To Installing Turf

Before installing your turf, proper preparation is crucial. This preparation should be completed before your turf arrives, so that it can be laid immediately upon delivery, to maintain its freshness and viability.



Remove weeds and debris:

  • All weeds, lawns and plants must be removed before laying turf. Apply two applications of glyphosate 14 days apart.
  • All refuse, rocks and debris will need to be removed from the area.
Prepare the ground:

  • Lay a level and even topsoil mix (80% sand 20% soil) of between 100-150mm in depth has been spread. Aerate and soften the ground with a rotary hoe to a depth of at least 100mm (150mm for Sir Grange Zoysia). This allows for deep-root penetration. Manure can be added to the site at this stage. Chase Hire is located next to Parkes Street Landscape Supplies and has all the equipment necessary for preparing the area.
  • Lawn Launcher contains fertiliser and water crystals which should be used when laying a new lawn. Apply the Lawn Launcher to the prepared area at a rate of 30 grams per square metre. Lightly rake through your turf underlay to a depth of 30mm BEFORE installing your turf. Any leftover Lawn Launcher can be used in pots or garden beds.

Laying turf

Sir Walter Buffalo Turf 1m2

Turf should be laid on the day it is received to prevent the roots from drying. Stacked turf can quickly heat up and begin to decompose. If you are unable to lay turf that day, store it in the shade. Turf cannot be watered when it is in a roll, but can be watered when rolled out. Do not water the soil before laying.

How to lay:

  • Lay entire rolls along the perimeter of the designated area, aligning the joints in an offset, or brickwork pattern. Aim to align the edges seamlessly to ensure they sit flush with one another.
  • It is important that the soil underneath the new turf remains moist to ensure good contact between the turf and the soil. This contact encourages the roots to grow downwards, seeking moisture, and ensures
    better establishment.

Apply top dress:

  • Use top dress or washed sand to top dress the turf. Top dressing turf enhances soil structure and fertility, to promote healthier, more resilient grass growth and a smoother, more level lawn surface. Additionally, it aids in moisture retention, improves drainage, and helps manage thatch build-up, contributing to the overall vigor and aesthetic appeal of the turf.


  • Use sand between gaps to stabilise and support the turf, aiding in leveling the surface by filling in any inconsistencies or depressions. This practice helps maintain proper moisture levels, enhances soil structure, and promotes more uniform, healthy grass growth by allowing the grass’s roots to establish firmly and spread more evenly.


  • Once the turf has been laid, water immediately. New turf cannot be allowed to dry out. Tip: Wet a towel, and hang it outside, once the towel is dry, it is time to water your turf again.
For more information, please view the following installation guide.